Message from Captain Thompson

Notes from Captain Gus Thompson

I had a phone conversation with our illustrious captain discussing the upcoming event at Charlton Park. He is very excited about this event and gave me several reasons as to why this event was going to be the best event so far this year.

  1. Numbers – We have 27 confirmed for this event and another 8-10 that are on the fence. This will be our biggest turnout in years. With so many men in the ranks, we will be a powerful force within the battalion and on the battlefield.
  2. Food – The unit has planned some delicious meals. Grits on Saturday morning, stew on Saturday night! Full company commissary!
  3. Fresh Fish – We are going to have quite a few reenacting virgins out there this weekend. It will be exciting showing them what reenacting 9th Kentucky Co. C means. It will be great to meet new people and make new friends/comrades in arms.
  4. Event Schedule – We have TWO battles each day, including the Sunday morning Tactical that has always made Charlton Park a great event. There will be a lot of opportunities to march, drill, and fire; all of the things that sets our company apart from the others.
  5. Weather – This will be one of the most pleasant trips to Charlton Park in recent memories. Much cooler than the 94 degrees we had last year and it looks like it will be mostly dry!
  6. Comradery – This will be a great event to catch up with your pards. The band will play; there will be carousing, gaiety and fun.

Please Note: Since we are going to have so many newbs out with us this weekend, we ask that you bring any/all extra gear that you can. We will have to uniform at least 6 new pards this weekend.

Thanks every one and see you all on Friday!

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