Battalion Drill AAR: Historic Fort Wayne (Detroit, MI)

Battalion Drill at Historic Fort Wayne was a complete success. Mother Nature afforded us some spectacular weather, while the fort served as a unique backdrop for our drill. Our presence in the Fort has had a profoundly positive effect and should be an important and physical reminder of why we take pride in our Battalion. These reasons, coupled with the mid-April snow fall in Michigan cause me to fully recommend future Battalion Drills to be held at this location and at similar dates in the future.

Despite the lackluster turnout, drill itself went quite well. I am personally grateful for the patience and wisdom of the Battalion staff. I recognize that this drill weekend is a learning experience for all Battalion members, but as a junior Captain, this point was especially appreciated by me. I also wish to acknowledge the accuracy of drill maneuvers demonstrated by the 9th. Their efforts on the field greatly enhanced my ability to perform during Battalion maneuvers. I would also like to further recognize the grit and dedication of the men of the 9th and their insatiable appetite for drill. At their request I took them for an impromptu company drill after Battalion formation on Saturday. I could not have been more proud or honored by their efforts.

I would suggest that in future Battalion Drills, time be allotted for Company Commanders to drill their respective companies. Battalion maneuvers have a tendency to expose deficiencies in company drill that may have been overlooked or require a brief refresher for refinement. Perhaps Company Orderly Sergeants could be tasked with running the men through these maneuvers thus freeing up Company Commanders to attend a theoretical “block drill” with the Colonel covering maneuvers to be covered during drill. In my opinion, precision drill from companies and Captains, whom are freshly instructed in drill theory would greatly increase the effectiveness of drill and would therefore allow us maximum effective use of our time. In this way, we as a Battalion can gain a clear picture of each movement we are to execute in a theoretical perspective, and then are able to immediately apply our knowledge to the field.

I am eagerly looking forward to our next Battalion formation and view our Drill this season as an excellent start for the coming season. If you have any questions or comments, I am available at your convenience.

Most sincerely,

R. Samuel Brooks
Captain 9th Kentucky Co C.
Medich Battalion, AOT