From the Sergeant’s Journal


The way time has flown since the AGM is amazing! The success of the rolling party, Company Drill, and Battalion Drill are a thing of the past. Our summer events will soon be upon us. I have confidence in our membership to step up to any and all challenges placed before us. Our past success has always hinged on our ability to stay the course and focus on living history at its best.

Captain Brooks’ enthusiasm and dedication to Company C will help us maintain a perfect balance between authentically portraying our heroes of Kentucky and keeping our interest and morale at the peak of excitement. In just a few of the correspondence I have received, his enthusiasm for continuing our commitment of ‘getting it right’ remains at the top of his list of goals and achievements. We owe it to him to continue our support.

Captain Brooks has requested that I serve as your Second Sergeant for this campaign season. There is no doubt that I will have my work cut out for me as I continue the zeal demonstrated by previous members holding the position. This includes Ty Hoskins and Jeff Mogle. Jeff is now able to serve as High Private in the ranks and his ability to assist the new recruit has just become easier for him. He can now work directly with the men in the ranks without being distracted. Thank you, George!

In closing, I look forward to seeing you all on the field of honor.

Yours in Service,
Brian ‘2SGT Moses Wickliffe’ Kirk