Company Drill AAR

Camp Kiwanis (Mason, MI)

Aside for the minor obstacle of the weather, Company Drill was quite productive. Fortunately, while somewhat brisk and windy, we managed to avoid the rain and conduct our drill while “perfectly dry”. The majority of our NCO staff was on furlough attending to important family business. They were sorely missed, but their absence was understandable. Special thanks to Mr. Ranney, Mr. Barnard, Mr. Chinn, and Mr. Thompson for stepping into NCO positions for the good of the company. I also want to give my heartfelt thanks to the men of the company for their unending patience and willingness to overlook my minor mistakes on my journey that is the learning curve of a new Captain. Bully for you boys!

Despite having as many new recruits as veterans present, our drill was admirably sharp. Considering the long winter of inactivity and the inexperience of our new recruits, one could not have asked for a more superb performance from the company. We have a solid foundation and tradition of drill instilled by previous Captains that we can build upon. Yet, we must not rest upon our laurels, but rather we must raise the bar still further and take our drill to the next level of achievement. Historically the 9th was the best drilled unit in the Confederate Army, in either Theater. I intend to make that as true today as it was in ’61. I look forward to another proud year with the 9th. I shall meet you again soon comrades.

Roll Call

Cpl. Chinn
Pvt. Townes
Pvt. Foster
Pvt. Jones
Pvt. McGuire
Pvt. Bates
Pvt. Summerville
Pvt. Thompson
Pvt. Hewes
Pvt. Logan
Pvt. Gauger
Pvt. Ranney
Pvt. Barnard
Pvt. Mclemore
Pvt. Waters
Pvt. Harris
Pvt. Higgins
Pvt. Jearnigan
Pvt. Robb
Pvt. Parrent

Yours in service,

R. Samuel Brooks
Captain 9th Kentucky Co. C