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Message from President

Greetings to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the 9th Kentucky!

First off, I hope everyone’s New Year is going well and it was great to see everyone who, once again, braved the weather and attended the AGM. The food, music and socializing was excellent! If you were unable to make it, we missed you and hope to see you at an event this year!

Secondly, we have an awesome schedule this season and I know fun times are ahead! If we can muster enough at events to form a full company, we will definitely attract attention and possibly grow our ranks. Ask around, talk to friends and bring them out to see what we do and why we do it.

Finally I would like to humbly thank everyone for electing me president of this fantastic club. I hope to serve all of you well, I will do my best.

Here’s to a fun and safe reenacting season!

Your Benevolent Servant,

Rob Kirk

Pvt. James Luther ‘Lute’ Collins, 9th KY Co. C

2014 AGM minutes

9th Kentucky AGM Minutes – January 18, 2014 (abridged)


Call to Order – Rich Firman 10:26 a.m. meeting convened

Invocation – J.W. Kelly

Roll Call – Rick Loetz

Approved 2013 AGM Minutes


Executive Board Reports

President – Welcome and thanks for attending.

Rich will not run again this year for president.  But he will still attend events and run website.

Treasurer – Distributed written report

$600.00 increase over last year.

Only major expenditures – gun powder and caps

Current balance $2990.46

Free checking eliminates need to file taxes

Secretary – 19 Paid members signed up this morning.

Members can continue to use to update any changes in addresses and phone numbers

Civilian Trustee – Season overview

Call to invite civilians to attend events

Military Trustee – Season overview

Improved attendance at events

Earned a record amount of money at Milford

Continuing to work at improving better relationships with                                                         other groups/units

Introduced new members Todd & Mindy Winter – WELCOME!!


Old Business

Powder and caps – Last year’s purchase was very successful.  Sold all rounds to members.  This year, per Mark Foster, we will need to roll at least 1000 rounds at the rolling party.  Treasurer (Michael Foster) will make a repeat purchase through the same vendor.

Monitor -.  After much discussion, motion made to submit suggestions for blog, domain name, and website maintenance under communication/social media forum.  The Communication Committee (K. Rouse, MK Foster, A. Donovan, F. Hilzinger) will continue last year’s work of creating a user-friendly site that is a safe and concise picture of our company’s philosophy, vision, and events.

Recess – 11:21 am

Reconvene – 11:37 am

Motion was made to eliminate designation of 4 max effort events.  All events will     be posted and attended by members.  Compatibility was checked with by-law    statutes and after much discussion, motion was passed.  This motion will be evaluated for effectiveness at next year’s AGM.

Lunch recess -11:52 am

Reconvene – 1:28 pm


New Business

Events – Summary of Battalion news (John McIntosh is stepping down as Lt. Colonel as changes are being made at the Battalion level.  Updates will be given throughout the year.) and prospective events.  John McIntosh led a discussion of the pros and cons of galvanizing as Federals at the Pilot Knob event.

Gordon Peterson read a letter from the Milford Memories chairwoman thanking us for past participation and explaining that due to an expanding beer tent, they will not need reenactors at this event.  However, she extended an invitation to attend the Highland Heritage Days, which will offer the same amenities and compensation.

Andrew Donovan will look into Kensington Metro Park as a site for the company drill.  Tentative dates April 12-13.  He will present information at the Rolling Party.

Schedule of Events: 

March 1 (12:00 pm) – Rolling Party (Fosters)

March 2 – Lapeer G&K Show (recruitment – Mac)

April 12-13 – Company Drill TBD (Donovan)

May 2-4 – Battalion Drill Cambridge City, IN (Mac)

June 6-8 – Lexington, MI (Fredal)

July 18-20 – Hastings (Loetz)

Aug. 8-10 Hale Farm, Bath, Ohio (Rouse)

Sept. 12-14 – Highland Heritage Days (Peterson)

Sept. 26-29 – Pilot Knob, Missouri (Kirk)

Oct. 10-12 Wolcott Mill (Kelly)

Jan. 24, 2015 – AGM Okemos

Recess – 2:21 pm

Reconvene – 2:51 pm


Election of Officers:

Civilian Trustee (1 yr.term) MK Foster/A. Donovan      Mary Foster elected

Military Trustee (1 yr.term) J.W. Kelly/A. Donovan/J. McIntosh  John Mac elected

Secretary (2 yr. term)           K. Fredal                             Kathleen Fredal elected

VP/Treasurer (2 yr. term)      Michael Foster                   Michael Foster elected

President (2 yr. term)     R. Kirk/K. Rouse/A. Donovan   Robert Kirk elected

Appointed Positions:

Quartermaster: Dave Parent

Enlistment Officer: Gordon Peterson

Newsletter Editor: Fred Hilzinger

Webmaster: Rich Firman

Authenticity Coordinator Military: Andrew Donovan

Authenticity Coordinator Civilian: Mary Foster

Band Master: John Fredal

First Aid: Michael Foster and Elizabeth Turnbull


1st Sgt. – J.W. Kelly

2nd Sgt. – Keith Rouse

1st Cpl. – Rick Loetz

2nd Cpl. – John Auger


Financial Discussion:

After careful and deliberate discussion, a motion to allow the executive board to hear and entertain equipment and uniform/attire requests from Quartermaster and Authenticity Coordinators was passed.  Members will be reimbursed by Treasurer upon submission of required receipts.

Meeting adjourned 3:59 pm



Minutes abridged and respectfully submitted by

Kathleen Fredal

Secretary 9th Kentucky Co. C


2014 Executive Board

The AGM was a success.  Below is the new Executive Board

Office Person
President Rob Kirk
Vice President Mike Foster
Secretary Kathleen Fredal
Civilian Trustee Mary Kay Foster
Military Trustee John McIntosh